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All before and after images are from real users. Results may vary.

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People tell me my skin looks so good! I meditate with it, it's part of my daily ritual!


Results after 3 weeks / daily use


I'v done a lot of in-office treatments but had mediocre results! I am stunned by how effectively this device works.

Results after 3 month / daily use

I had someone check behind my ear to see if I had a facelift done. Absolutely happy I started using ORION!


Results after 4 month / daily use


love the feeling -

I cannot be without anymore!

Results after 3 weeks / daily use

I've been told by plastic surgeons that these lines will not disappear even with a facelift. Unbelivable!


Results after 4 month / daily use


Results after 4 weeks / 4-5 x per week

My eyes are better.

I like to use it in the evening.

My knee's have always bothered me. I'm wearing short skirts again!

I love to use it after work, it makes my legs feel lighter.


Results after 4 weeks / 4-5 x per week


This is the best thing I have done to my face! It's me, but in the best version.

Results after 4 month / daily use

I never imagined to achieve results like this at home! 


Results after 5 weeks / daily use


Results after 4 weeks / daily use

I am still amazed by the fact that it takes care of so many concerns by just simply wearing it.

I have used microcurrent for years but this calibration is next level! It takes this one little step further.


Results after 3 month / daily use


A complete game changer and the only device I use.

Results after 3 weeks / 3-5 times a week

 I love how great my legs feel after using the device. I can see significant improvements and I'm going to keep on using it diligently


Results after 3 weeks / 5-6 times a week


Results after 4 month / 4-5 x per week

I'm amazed and I love the fact that it's completely natural.

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