"love the feeling -

I cannot be without anymore!"

Results after 3 weeks / daily use


Results after 4 month / daily use

"I've been told by plastic surgeons that these lines will not disappear even with a facelift.


Spectra Sculpt result before and after men

Results after 4 weeks / 4-5 x per week

"My eyes are better. I like to use it in the evening."

Results after 4 weeks / 4-5 x per week

"My knee's have always bothered me. I'm wearing short skirts again and not beeing selfcausious about them. I love to use it after work, it makes my legs feel so much lighter."


Results after 4 month / 3 weeks daily, followed by 1-2 x per week

"This is the best thing i have done to my face. It is me - but in the best version"